cPanel Quick Config – Quick Tip

Maybe I’m slow, but I just discovered “php.ini QuickConfig” in cPanel 11. It probably exists in prior versions too. It was hidden under “Software / Services”. Most of the default settings should be fine, but you might want to disable register_globals if it isn’t disabled already. This will prevent malicious visitors from setting your PHP variables themselves by attaching arguments to the URL. Just make sure you always use $_GET and $_POST where ever it’s necessary.

7 thoughts on “cPanel Quick Config – Quick Tip

  1. Ive just been reading about register_globals = off in a book as im learning php at the moment and it mentioned this, just checked in my cPanel too.

  2. It is also easy to backup and transfer all your websites from one server to another server if you have cPanel installed-;”

  3. Thanks Libby 🙂 Another perk of cPanel.

  4. Hi – where can I get the “ quick config” installed in my cPanel/WHM installation. Is it free or a paid item to purchase. Plse help me with website reference for it.

    Thanks very much.

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