WAMP: Apache won’t start/icon stays green

I have a non-standard installation of WAMP. I’ve installed it to my


. Recently it stopped working. All the suggestions I found on the web told me to check port 80, or check the


but that didn’t help. I’ve already moved apache to port 81, and nothing was written to the log.

The solution was to open up a command prompt (




into the apache bin directory (


for me), and run


manually. As soon as I did that, it told me:

Syntax error on line 22 of Z:/wamp/bin/apache/apache2.2.22/conf/extra/httpd-auto index.conf:

<Directory "c:/Apache2/icons">

path is invalid.

Which was an easy enough fix; just point it to


. Bam! Works again. Just close out of the console and restart WAMP via the icon.

tl;dr If your apache won’t start, and the error log isn’t giving you any information, start it manually and check there if you get any error messages.

Edit: I know this blog post is formatted stupidly, I have to figure out what’s going on with WordPress.

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